What to Expect

Once again we open up the Touratech UK Adventure Park for riders attending this year’s Touratech Travel Event on May 12th to 13th.

As some of you are aware the Touratech UK Adventure Park caters for riders of all abilities and bikes. So if you’re a complete newbie and never ridden off-road then this is the perfect opportunity to try some easy fire-roads on your familiar bike with expert guidance riding with you. Likewise, if you have tons of experience then our Level 4 riding experience with 4 time Dakar rider Nick Plumb will be just the ‘tonic’.


We promise to give you the thrill you been seeking from early in the morning to early evening the site will be open to deliver ride-outs from level one through to level four.


We have 4 adventure trails to suit you ability (rideout level) or you can push on to test yourself amongst experienced riders.


Get your chance to ride out with Touratech's very own Nick Plumb, the 4 times dakar rider and youngest ever UK Dakar finisher.

Rock Up And Ride

No Need to book for the Touratech ride-outs, but please remember NO WRISTBAND, NO RIDE-OUT!

We aim to be flexible over the 2 days. All levels with no restriction all accompanied.

Step 1: Decide on your ride out level

Level 1


Every rider will have the opportunity to commence with this initial ride-out under the guidance of our experienced riders. Once you have done it once you can ride this course as many times with a guide as you like or progress to the next level.

Level 2


This level will be guided courses with experienced riders. You can ride these varying terrain courses several times with guided riders

Level 3


These again will be guided courses with experienced riders. You can ride these varying terrain courses several times with guided riders.

Level 4


Once you have progressed through all the levels prior to this level 4 and wish to taste the extreme, then join Nick Plumb, owner of Touratech for his adventure through the adventure park and all that it offers to world-class riders.

Step 2: Choose your Ride out

Choose your ride out based on our different flagged trails. We have also provided the suggested ride out level to help you decide along with other stats to help you choose. *all riders must start at level 1 and work their way up to level 4.

  • Blue Flag
  • Level 1
    per Rideout
  • Guides
  • Fire roads/Gravel
  • No
  • Road/ Knobbly
  • Yes*
  • Green Flag
  • Level 2
    per Rideout
  • Guides
  • Single Track (Off-road)
  • Yes
  • Road/ Knobbly
  • Yes*
  • Purple Flag
  • Level 3
    per Rideout
  • Guides
  • Woodlands (Off-road)
  • Yes
  • Knobbly
  • No
  • Red Flag
  • Level 4
    per Rideout
  • Nick Plumb (4 times Dakar)
  • Advanced
  • Yes
  • Knobbly (Essential)
  • No


No Wristband, No Ride-out!

Touratech Ride Outs
Rock up and ride but ONLY with a wrist band!