Duncan Gough

A traveller from the age of two and a motorcyclist for the last forty odd years.

I first visited Spain in 1983, I felt as if I had come home; one day it will be my home.  In the meantime I visit whenever I can.

Every year from 2000  I have ridden to Spain on my Moto Guzzi motorbike. From the beginning, I wanted to share my experiences and love of the country and people.  I began by writing articles for the Moto Guzzi magazine 'Gambalunga'.  I learnt my craft and developed my writing over the first nine years at which point I brought my writings together in a book; 'Back Roads of Spain'.  My new book 'Sketches of Spain' a personal guide to the richness of Spain with thousands of kilometres of routes, sketches, photos and hand drawn maps.

Duncan will guide you through his presentation and together explore the benefits of Spain.