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NEW - the Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet

Touratech UK

NEW - the Aventuro Carbon Helmet | While there is no shortage of helmet options in the market, there are surprisingly few good choices for the ADV touring crowd. Some of the most popular ADV models are quite heavy, have excessive wind noise and are limited to just one configuration. Because of these limitations, Touratech has set out to make the ultimate helmet for adventure touring.

Aventuro MOD Flip-up Helmet - 3 in 1 styles

Touratech UK

Together with the leading manufacturer of Schuberth modular helmets, Touratech has created the best modular helmet on the market. The Adventure Mod.

Aventuro Helmet How To Sizing & Fitting

Touratech UK

Aventuro Carbon – the Ultimate Touring Helmet. Our colleague Philipp explains the advantages of the new Touratech Helmet.

Touratech Destino Boots with Inner Booties

Touratech UK

With the DESTINO Adventure, we created a high-quality, multifunctional boot able to fulfil all requirements of a long travel. It is probably the first time on the market that a boot has such a double use, so that it allows saving precious storage space and fulfils the requirements of any bike travel.

Touratech Seats - for the most comfortable ride

Touratech UK

Touratech Seats: over 200 seats for more than 40 types of motorcycles.

Touratech Seats - Most Comfortable Ride Over Long Distances

Touratech UK

Even the most terrific and exciting motorcycle tour can become pure torture if your seat isn´t what it really should be. How can you be expected to enjoy a relaxed view of beautiful countryside when your sweaty skin has gotten so sore in the worst places from bunched-up, chafing clothing caused by a poorly design seat. Seats from Touratech, which are developed and manufactured in southern Germany in close collaboration with the experts at KAHEDO, are the cure for this problem. They ensure a most comfortable ride even over long distances.

Touratech Suspension - Pure Adventure Bike Performance

Touratech UK

Touratech Suspension is the world's first purpose-built shock absorber for long-distance touring with a fully-loaded motorcycle. Right out of the box, it has the strength, features and adjustments to go the distance, even while hauling luggage. Over-built by design, Touratech Shocks are constructed with heavy-duty materials and over-sized components.

Touratech Waterproof Bags - Ideal for every Adventure

Touratech UK

Touratech Waterproof made by Ortlieb: The absolutely waterproof, mudproof, snowproof dry bag – the essential companion on all your travels!

Touratech Compañero Worldwide 2 Suit

Touratech UK

How is it possible to improve a touring suit that is already virtually perfect? By raising the own bar higher, keeping what has be tried and tested, completing it with practical features and improving the details!

Touratech Compañero Boreal Single Laminate Suit

Touratech UK

Touratech and Stadler are setting new standards for motorcycle touring suits. Based on millions of miles of riding experience, this ultimate touring suit keeps you comfortable, safe and dry.